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Mayor Harley Droba has a long history of working with community members to create a positive impact on the lives of his constituents in International Falls and the surrounding area.
About Me

About Harley

I’m Harley Droba, aspiring to represent District 3A in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Raised in International Falls, my commitment to service was honed in the Army and continued through my advocacy for veterans’ rights. My dedication is reflected in my roles within the VFW and the Minnesota State VFW Council of Administration, where I’ve been a strong voice for veterans.

In my community, I’ve been a force for positive change, from revitalizing our local bowling alley for youth to promoting unity on our city council. Co-founding IFalls Nice, I’ve fostered community spirit and hope. Now, aiming for the State House, I’m driven by a desire to serve Minnesota on a larger scale, championing unity and progress.

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Effective Leadership

Experienced, Honest & Successful

I will bring my “can do” attitude and plenty of experience of achieving success through teamwork and community support. 

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Support Our Cause

I have a long history of fundraising for local nonprofits, and now I am fundraising for my campaign. This campaign is driven by the vision of creating a more inclusive Minnesota and a more robust economy for the citizens of District 3A but I need your help to get that message out to the voters.

Help me turn my campaign promises into a reality. Thank you for considering donating!

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What I Will Fight For

Rural Health Care

Ensuring accessible, quality health care for our rural communities is paramount. I am dedicated to improving medical facilities, medical transportation, supporting local clinics, and attracting top healthcare professionals to ensure that every resident has the care they need close to home.


Our veterans have given their all for our country, and it's time we honor their sacrifice. I will fight for better healthcare, job opportunities, and support systems that respect our heroes and provide them with the recognition and care they deserve.

Tourism and Recreation

Boosting local tourism and recreation not only enhances our quality of life but also stimulates our economy. I pledge to promote our natural treasures, support local businesses, and invest in recreational facilities to make District 3A a must-visit destination.

Economic Development

A thriving economy is the backbone of our community. My focus is on fostering an environment that encourages business growth, supports innovative entrepreneurs, and creates sustainable jobs that will lead our district into a prosperous future.


In today's world, connectivity is a necessity, not a luxury. I am committed to expanding high-speed internet access to every corner of our district, ensuring that all residents and businesses can stay connected in our global economy.


Preserving our environment equates to safeguarding our future. This will not only protect our district's environment but also ensure its sustainability for future generations.


I need your official support

I welcome your public endorsement of my candidacy and I would love to add you to the list of people who believe in a better future for Northeast Minnesota.

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